Branson Missouri Travel Tips and Vacation Advice

Approximately 9 million visitors flock to Branson each year to go to music shows, theme parks, fishing, and many other family oriented activities. Branson, changes so fast that it is hard to keep track of the latest events. Branson now has 47 music theaters, 200 lodging accommodations, and over 400 restaurants.Before you go to Branson, you should read up on the latest literature advertising the latest attractions to hit the area. After you have read up about Branson’s current attractions you should find your lodging in advance. Going to Branson during peak moments of the season can be quite distressing if you don’t plan your vacation in advance.There are several travel tips that will truly enhance your vacation that you should consider. After you arrive to Branson make sure that you stop at any gas station and pick up one of the free coupon books that are readily available throughout town. These coupon books offer significant discounts at restaurants, theaters, and hotels. You can literally save several hundred dollars from simply picking up a coupon book.It is my recommendation that you book a hotel that isn’t located directly on the main strip. Traffic can get quite congested and you really don’t want to get caught up in traffic drive to and from your hotel.Another important piece of advice I can give is to pick up a Branson map that has all of the alternate traffic routes that you can take. Taking alternate routes is such a time saver while transporting yourself around to your different vacation destinations. The maps are easy to follow and the alternate routes use simple “color” routes that are posted throughout the city.If you are going to multiple shows during the day, make sure that you give yourself enough time to find your dinner location and get to your next show on time. If you are going to an afternoon show, and an evening show in Branson it is best to go to a 3:00 and 8:00 show to give yourself plenty of time to eat dinner without being rushed. These travel tips and vacation advice will help your Branson vacation go as smoothly as possible. Reading the Branson Travel Guide will help you further in planning your vacation.