Article Marketing Tips That Will Work for You

If you have a website, make the most of it with these article marketing tips. With the explosion of free webhosting sites and free templates out there, anyone can put up a website or blog. Anyone can engage in affiliate marketing or open their own webstore. The problem is that when people do create their own sites, they very rarely attract the web traffic that they were hoping for and dreaming of. Their site doesn’t come up on the first page of the search results and they aren’t becoming as popular or making as much money as they though they would. That’s probably because they didn’t know any of the article marketing tips that would have helped them succeed.

What is article marketing?
Article marketing is a method by which you can leverage other websites to direct traffic to your main site. The idea is that you write an article based on a key word or phrase for your site. You can see which key words and phrases people are most searching for by using a keyword research tool such as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It will tell you how many people are searching for your key word or phrase and give you suggestions for related key words or phrases to use. Proper key word research is one of those article marketing tips that you can’t ignore. If you aren’t using key words that web users are actually searching for, the rest of your article marketing strategy will be all for naught.

So choose your key word or phrase carefully and then write an informative article about that topic or that uses that key word or phrase. You want to use the word or phrase about once for every hundred words. That way, when the search engine indexes your article, they’ll see that your article has a high relevancy for that key word or phrase. Makes sense, right? Just don’t use the key word or phrase more than about once every hundred words or so or else the search engine will assume that you are doing what is called “keyword stuffing” and ignore your article. Achieving that optimum keyword percentage is another of those article marketing tips that you better pay attention to if you want your efforts to succeed.

Once you’ve written a high quality article using your key word or phrase an appropriate number of times, you then post it on a website other than your main site. You can either post it a secondary website that you own or you can post it to article directory sites. We recommend the latter because your article will go a lot further when you’re not the only one posting it. Of course, you could do both; put it on another one of your sites and post it to article directories. The way an article directory works is that you post your article with links to your website. Someone else then sees that your article has a high relevancy for their own site, so they post the article to their site for the content it provides, but keep the links to your site embedded in the article. Now you have someone linking their site to yours, which makes your relevancy to search engines increase. So submitting to article directories is third for the article marketing tips I’m sharing with you. The nice thing about submitting to article directories is that as many people as want to can snag your article and post it on their site. You’re unlimited in how many links to your site you can make by doing this.

How to Employ Leverage in Your Business With Marketing Automation Software

When you can take your typical sales process of selling one-to-one…… And flip it on its head and sell one-to-many. Congrats! You have successfully employed leverage in your business.Marketing Automation Software allows you to employ leverage in your business: To supercharge your marketing and sales.Leverage is typically the defining difference between a successful business and a SUPER successful business.How much leverage are you employing in your business now?What about your Customer Value Optimization (CVO)?Having all these tools at your disposal is great for promoting your products and services.But what about your CVO?Have you maximized the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer?The goal is to design a marketing funnel that makes it easy for your customers to buy all or most of your product or service offerings again and again…A marketing funnel strategy is absolutely essential to optimizing the profitability of your business.And it’s the key to deriving the most value from your Marketing Automation Tools.Without a high converting marketing funnel, all you have is an engine that’s not moving very fast…Marketing Automation Software is business changing technology.Infusionsoft, AWeber and Meet Edgar will allow you to stay in touch with prospects and customers…… Automatically.However, this doesn’t mean NO effort (although once you get your routine down it can FEEL effortless).You still have to create the content and messages you’d like your audience to experience.Marketing Automation Software allows you to systematize and organize your marketing beyond anything you ever thought possible.You can literally take a new lead and guide them through your sales process, on auto-pilot.InfusionsoftInfusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce.KEY FEATURES:


Marketing Automation


Built-in metadata and keyword fields

Drag and drop to craft and publish landing pages

Web Forms

Social Sharing

Easy Publishing, Landing Pages

Email marketing, Automated Campaigns

Multimedia marketing management

Marketing reports

Scoring tool

Referral Program Management

Track orders, sales totals, accounts receivables

Payment Processing

Lead Scoring & Distribution

Quotes & Orders

Opportunity Management

Sales Reports

Multimedia Marketing

Simplify Sales Activities

Qualify and Distribute Leads

Automate Sales Tasks

View Sales and Conversion Reports

Manage Opportunities and Pipelines

Capture Leads with Web Forms

Segment Customers

Manage Your Calendar and Tasks

Import and Manage Data

Build Relationships with Campaigns

Follow-Up with Smart Autoresponders

Share Content Socially, Measure Results

Look Professional with Attractive Emails

Get to the Inbox with 99% Deliverability

Capture Leads with Web Forms

Track Results with Reports

Get Personal with Behavioral Triggers

Market Offline with Multimedia

Create a Storefront and Shopping Cart

Create Electronic Order Forms

Sell More with Discounts, Upsells and Trials

Offer Payment Plans

Trigger Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Invoice and Collect Electronically

Manage Product Inventory and Fulfillment

Grow through Affiliate Programs

Build Smart Campaigns

Qualify and Distribute Leads

Automate Workflow

Create Smart Promo Offers

Invoice and Collect Automatically

Track and Deliver Products

Create Personalized Communications
Over 23,000 small business owners use Infusionsoft to get organized, save time and grow sales. The one-drawback to Infusionsoft is that it’s NOT plug-and-play. It takes time to learn.But it’s time well spent.AWeberAWeber Communications is popular for its superior autoresponders and is a solid performer in most aspects of email marketing.KEY FEATURES:

A/B Split Testing: You can create A/B versions of an email campaign and test to see which version is more successful.

Alias Email: You can create an alias email address to send email blasts from.

Autoresponder: You can create auto-response emails.

Image & File Hosting: AWeber will host the images and other documents used in your campaigns.

Integration: The product can integrate with other software applications or websites.

RSS to Email: Emails are automatically sent when an RSS feed on a website or blog is updated.

Scheduling: You can schedule the specific time and date of your email blasts.

Social Media Sharing: You can share directly through social media websites.

Triggered Campaigns: You can create auto-responding campaigns that are triggered by customer behaviors.
BENEFITS:When it comes to campaign effectiveness: There’s a lot more to keep your eye on besides revenue numbers and subscriber counts.To really understand how your campaigns are working, you need to look at how your customers are interacting with your emails.AWeber provides just this kind of data, which is accessible at any time through AWeber’s email reporting dashboard.You can bring up charts that show how many of your contacts opened your emails and how many clicked on the links within your message.This kind of information tells you a lot about how engaging your emails are and helps you identify problem areas to solve.You can also bring up data on your subscribers, including location information.And records detailing when and why customers unsubscribed from your list.Although most email marketing companies provide access to some customer data:AWeber provides you with exact information you need to create better, more effective campaigns.Meet EdgarEdgar is a social media scheduling tool like no other.Instead of publishing your updates just once and throwing them away like yesterday’s trash:Edgar carefully catalogs them in a limitless library that you build over time.FEATURES:

Facebook profiles, fan pages, groups



No software, downloads, or plugins


Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and

BENEFIT:All of your updates are sorted into categories that you create and publish on a schedule that you choose.So Edgar publishes what you want, when you want it.No manual scheduling, no busywork, and no hassle: just the peace of mind that only Edgar can provide.And the first question our clients often ask us:
“What kinds of tools and software are needed for Marketing Automation…
“… And how much does it cost?”
I think this is a fair question. It’s important to understand the process of moving your business online.This shouldn’t frighten you. The reality is: MOST businesses are hybrids. For instance, you might start advertising online.Then bring your prospects offline, for an appointment or consultation, to begin the sales process.Some businesses begin advertising offline. Then bring their prospects on-line in front of their sales pages or applications…… And then off-line again for an appointment.Either way, nowadays marketing automation software plays an important role in your business.It allows you to sell more of your products and services. MORE efficiently online.